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The Cantare Chorale, our symphonic choir of 100 auditioned voices, remains committed to bringing the highest musical standards to its performances, associating with the finest instrumentalists from Bay Area orchestras, and featuring nationally acclaimed vocal soloists.


Under the direction of Founder and Artistic Director David Morales, the Chorale debuted in April 1999, and today is recognized as one of the finest community choral ensembles of its size in the Bay Area. The Chorale also has a tradition of collaborating with other choirs and arts organizations.


The Chamber Ensemble, founded in 1987, is the original choral ensemble of Cantare Con Vivo. Today the 24-member Chamber Ensemble exemplifies Cantare's rigorous high standards of musical excellence. These singers perform a stunning variety of sacred and secular choral works, a cappella and accompanied, from across the historical and cultural range of choral composition. 


The Chamber Ensemble has performed at the Western Division Regional Convention of the American Choral Directors Association and has released three CD recordings.

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Cantare’s youth choir program provide choral music performance opportunities to over 150 children in grades 3-12 in both in-school and after-school settings. We offer elementary choirs with several of our elementary partner schools spread across Oakland, as well as choirs for middle and high school age students. All students experience what is possible when working alongside others toward a common goal. In addition to developing a lifelong interest in the arts, they gain an understanding and appreciation for their differences while being responsible to one another in achieving their best effort. Students develop self-esteem, discipline, self-efficacy, respect for teamwork, and healthy social behavior—all essential tools for living successful and productive lives. Students participate in our choirs at no charge.


Music Stars - Grades 3-5 (at Lincoln Elementary Vincent Academy and Melrose Leadership Academy)

Honor Choir - Citywide invitational choir for 5th graders

ATBC Honor Choir - 6-12 grade choir program at Allen Temple Baptist Church

Nova - Grades 6-12, students from any school eligible

Cantare Con Vivo partners with Cleveland, Lincoln, Vincent Academy and Melrose Leadership Academy to offer music education to 2,000 Oakland school children in 73, Title One, K–6 classrooms each week. This year, we also have a new partnership with Hillcrest Elementary serving K-5 students. Students learn a diversity of folk songs from around the world while building fundamental musical skills through the sequential Kodály music curriculum, as well as incorporating the National Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts. We also offer 8-week special unit classes that focus on Music from Around the World (3rd grade), Music of California History (4th grade), and Music of US History (5th grade), blending music and social studies for each grade level. We provide two music classes for special needs (autistic) children. Students participate in our classes at no charge.