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Classroom Music Education Programs

Every student in Oakland deserves quality music education. At the Vincent Academy, Melrose Leadership Academy, and Hillcrest, Laurel, Lincoln, Cleveland, and La Escuelita Elementary Schools, our trained teaching artist teach through meaningful, enriching music making, to build fundamental musical skills and appreciation for music from diverse cultures. 


Our in-school program includes: 

  • Full program administration: hiring, training and mentoring teaching artists 

  • Sequential, age-appropriate curriculum 

  • Teaching materials and supplies 

  • Student progress assessment 

  • Active partnerships with schools so music lessons are an integral part of school day 

  • Concerts and music class demonstration/sing-alongs for school community 

  • 8-week social studies-integrated special units focusing on Music from Around the World (3rd grade), Music of California History (4th grade), and Music of US History (5th grade) 

"Music education is something so fundamentally important for a child's growth and development. As an early childhood educator, I see how music helps students with young children's language skills, that later builds toward their literacy skills, along with the mental health benefits that listening and making music can have. I feel so fortunate to work in a community that also values music to bring to the students... Music and art classes should be an integral part of public education."


– Amara Schoenberg, K teacher, Melrose Leadership Academy



Our curriculum is Kodály-inspired, applying music-making through: 

  • Singing 

  • Creative movement 

  • Ear training 

  • Music literacy

  • Instruments

  • Social and cultural studies


It fully complements the National Standards of Visual and Performing Arts. Surveys from our partners show that through

"Inclusiveness reigned supreme the entire year. The enthusiasm and energy of the whole class, especially the SPED and ELL/ELD ones. demonstrated the level of expertise, dedication and compassion the instructor possessed and his commitment to the total development of all students. I could hear students humming and singing the songs hours after the session was completed as they worked on classroom assignments." 

– Eulalia Thomas, 2nd grade teacher, Cleveland 

experiential musical making, our students make strides in fundamental musical skills, social and cultural appreciation, language development, and social-emotional learning. 

You can learn about our Teaching Artists here.

We welcome new partners! If you are interested in having a Cantare music program at your Title 1 Oakland elementary school, go here.