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Classroom Music Education Programs

Every week, our teaching artists provide 88 music lessons for Cleveland, Franklin, La Escuelita, Laurel, Lincoln, Piedmont Ave Elementary Schools and Melrose Leadership Academy. Our experienced teaching artists teach through meaningful, enriching music making, to build fundamental musical skills and appreciation for music from diverse cultures.

Our in-school program includes: 

  • Full program administration: hiring, training and mentoring teaching artists 

  • Sequential, age-appropriate curriculum 

  • Teaching materials and supplies 

  • Student progress assessment 

  • Active partnerships with schools so music
    lessons are an integral part of school day 

  • Concerts and music class demonstration/sing-alongs for school community 

  • 8-week social studies-integrated special units focusing on Music from Around the World (3rd grade), Music of California History (4th grade), and Music of US History (5th grade) 

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"Cantare Con Vivo is a phenomenal program... Now that they've gone virtual to continue supporting our scholars due to the shelter-in-place, it's added another layer of allowing for parents, staff, as well as our own children, to join and participate... Seeing children from all the different schools which Cantare serves participate in the weekly sing- and dance-alongs is evidence of the strong community that the program is fostering even during these tough times!"

– Faris Jabbar, Principal, La Escuelita Elementary

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Our curriculum is Kodály-inspired, applying music-making

  • Singing 

  • Creative movement 

  • Ear training 

  • Music literacy

  • Instruments

  • Social and cultural studies


It fully complements the National Standards of Visual and Performing Arts. Surveys from our partners show that through experiential musical making, our students make strides in fundamental musical skills, social and cultural appreciation, language development, and social-emotional learning. 


You can also learn about our Teaching Artists and instrumental accompanists here.

We welcome new partners! If you are interested in having a Cantare music program at your school, go here.

"Conway's teaching was miraculous! He was always so positive and able to make sure the kids were focused and following along. It was really magical how he was able to put together their individual home recordings into this performance. It surpassed my expectations! I also always enjoyed his visits as well!"

– Claudia Hung-Haas, 3rd grade teacher, Lincoln

"One of my favorite lessons was when they were in small groups creating their own music using notes… Every student had an opportunity to collaborate, contribute, negotiate, be composers, feel proud about their final melody... [Ms. Kate's] classroom management, lesson flow and warmth are what make students look forward to music class. 

– Violeta Escobar, Vice Principal, MLA