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"We are like a family. The people here make me happy and I love to sing with them.      We are a very diverse group and that is awesome about this choir."

                          --Tatjana, 7th grade Nova singer

“Time and again, it’s been delightful to witness the impact of Cantare’s programming on the children in the Harbor House community. Children who are shy or disengaged from the world around them find their voice and develop a sense of confidence and ease that carries over into other parts of their lives. Children involved in Cantare’s programs become better students, as they transfer the discipline, creative and critical thinking skills they gain to other subject areas, such as math and reading. We’ve seen walls of division crumble and wonderful friendships blossom between groups of youth who often struggle with interacting with others in our diverse community.” 

               --Director of Harbor House Ministries in Oakland

“The Denver tour was my first experience traveling without my parents. I learned to live independently and to be flexible with others and with timing. I also gained skills for organization and planning by preparing for the next day. The trip to Denver was an awesome experience for me. It not only allowed me to gain vital music skills but also gave me a trial run in dorm life. My parents and I are now more confident with my living in far-off places to pursue higher education.”

                   --Shizhou, former Nova singer, now a sophomore at University of Pennsylvania

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"During her kindergarten year, my daughter and her fellow class-mates received music through Cantare. My daughter now loves music and looks forward to continuing music in first grade. I want to extend my thanks to Cantare for providing this important enrichment opportunity to all Lincoln Elementary students as well as students in other schools in the Oakland Unified School District." 

                     --Parent of a singer at Lincoln Elementary School

"I have personally seen the impact that Cantare’s programs have had on our school children in several schools.  What I’m impressed with, is that each program is tailored specifically to the demographics and interests of the children in the school, that teachers and principals are engaged and learning with the children, that lessons accompany the music so that the learning can extend beyond the music time, and that children get to perform in public settings beyond just their classroom.”

                   --Gary Yee, former Superintendent, Oakland Unified School District


"Choir is an important part of my life because it is something that calms me down and comforts me. Choir is important to me because after a day at school, I get stressed about school work and choir is a place where I feel relaxed and safe. Also, because of choir, I learn different songs that I can sing when I feel tired and discouraged to do things. Besides that, what I like about choir is that everybody treats one another kindly and respectfully and makes me feel welcomed. Choir has taught me many different types of music from different cultures, which I find interesting."

           --Mary, 6th grader

“Cantare con Vivo provides a rare opportunity for the nearly 400 kids at Cleveland to come together as one, despite their disparate backgrounds.  Regularly singing and performing together helps form bonds between Cleveland’s kids by providing a common language and cultural reference point.”

                    --Nipa Rahim, Parent of a singer at Cleveland Elementary

“My students were introduced to basic music techniques and learned how to compose music. Through composition, they learned patterns, fractions, number concepts and discipline in the first grade. They learned how to appreciate and love music at their early age. They were exposed to different cultures and their horizons were broadened through this music program.”

                   --Teresa AuYoung, First Grade Teacher, Cleveland Elementary