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"I am a musician from the very deepest part of my soul, and when I am singing, playing or hearing music, I am lifted and filled. Cantare gave me the perfect opportunity for to enjoy music-making, and also 'give something back' to a community where music education might not otherwise be available.”

                    -- Margaret Bang, Chorale singer

"I have been in the audience many times for the Cantare concerts, and this was the first time being one of the singers. My anxiety gradually subsided as I rehearsed among excellent seasoned singers...It was an honor to be included into such company...[the performance] was true magic. Thank you all for making it happen."

                   -- Andrew Tang, Chorale singer

"[I was] totally impressed with the whole performance – the choir, the soloists, the was wonderful to be in the presence of such talented artists and to be inspired by this powerful and uplifting concert."

                   -- Joanne Casey, Patron                                 

“I feel blessed to be able to sponsor children’s music education through

the organization…what a privilege to know music is reaching so many people in myriad ways!"

                   -- Cynthia Phillips, Chorale singer

“The unbelievable blend of the voices, the careful attention to nuances, and the variety of music captured me. David Morales is the finest director that I’ve ever sung with. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 28 years of singing with Cantare.”

               -- Bunny Gruhn, Chorale singer