Children's and Youth Programs

Cantare youth programs brings choral music education to K-12 students in underserved Oakland neighborhoods. Through in-school music education and after-school choirs, our program removes barriers of access so that 2,350 students at 7 partner schools and sites can find their voices with high quality, tuition-free music instruction.

70% of the students we serve are economically disadvantaged. 40% of them are English Language learners.

“Inclusiveness reined supreme the entire year. The enthusiasms and energy of the whole class, especially the SPED and ELL/ELD ones....I could hear students humming and singing the songs hours after the session was completed as they worked on classroom assignments.

– Eulalia Thomas, 2nd Grade Teacher, Cleveland Elementary

With a multicultural curriculum, students gain not just a lifelong interest in the arts, but an understanding and appreciation of both their differences and the things that unite them. They experience what is possible when working alongside others toward a common goal. Students develop self-esteem, discipline, respect for teamwork, and healthy social behavior—all essential tools for living successful and productive lives. 

Classroom Music Education 

in-school classes for grades K-5 at [list of all schools?]. Learn more about our teaching methods, history-aligned classes, and more here.

Nova [link to page]

Auditioned after-school choir for grades 6-12, from schools across Oakland. Nova performs in the winter and spring concerts with the adult Chorale and Chamber Ensemble. Learn more here.

Music Stars [link]

After-school choirs offered to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at [select schools]. Music Stars from all schools come together for the yearly spring concert. Learn more here.

Interested in joining Cantare choirs or bringing music to your school? Click below!

“I enjoy coming to choir because it gives me a sense of confidence. Choir is a place where I get to express how I feel through music. I love being with other people who share a passion for music. I feel accomplished because we go through hard work and in the end it turns out great.”

– Arlette 9th grader

“I have personally seen the impact that Cantare’s programs have had on our children in several schools.  What I’m impressed with is that each program is tailored specifically to the demographics and interests of the children in the school, that teachers and principals are engaged and learning with the children, that lessons accompany the music so that the learning can extend beyond the music time, and that children get to perform in public settings beyond just their classroom.”

–Gary Yee, OUSD Superintendent

"We recently attended a choir performance for Lunar New Year and were so impressed...[the students'] faces were beaming with pride as they sang a range of songs from contemporary to traditional.... We look forward to when our kindergartener is old enough to join the choir!"


– Young Whan, Parent, Lincoln Elementary