Find your voice with Nova!

Cantare's Nova ensemble brings together graduates from our Music Stars children's choirs with any middle- and high-school students (grades 6-12) interested in pursuing their love of singing. Under the direction of Julie Haydon, Nova singers rehearse and perform concerts of fun, challenging, and inspiring songs from all around the world in multiple languages and styles. You can watch some clips here. Nova is tuition-free.


A short voice placement is required for all singers to be placed in the appropriate voice part. To ask for an audition, contact Julie at

At the 2019 Retreat & Teambuilding Day, the singers of Nova wrote a vision statement together:


Nova is a safe, supportive and welcoming space where students can express their passion for music. When we perform, people will see a group of professional, talented youth striving to create inspiring performances with their voices. In order for us to succeed, we need our families to be supportive and help us be on time. Julie will be encouraging and help us grow. Our leaders will be responsible role models who help us organize our group. We will all be respectful, passionate and committed to choir and our community.

Rehearsals are 4:15 pm to 6:15 pm on Tuesdays at the First Presbyterian Church of Oakland, 2619 Broadway, Oakland, CA. 

Nova singers who have not yet filled out an Enrollment Form should do so here.

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